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Even if EcoTranslate is a very young project, starting in 2019, there are projects we have been working for for many years now. For now we are starting with:

  • International Mother Language Day
  • OmegaWiki
  • Use less plastic! (Plastik sparen)

International Mother Language Day (UNESCO)

International Mother Language Day (IMLD) is one of the yearly celebration days of UNESCO and we have been working on less resourced languages since 2004, first with Vox Humanitatis, then some years just in a private initiative and now starting over again with a slightly bigger construct in co-operation with OmegaWiki and a number of volunteers coming from all continents. The theme of the year normally arrives very late and it is therefore difficult to organize a proper project according to the theme, but IMLD is always about education, so our team chose to build up contents in order to not only help the languages giving them visibility, but also our planet, that urgently needs help in so many ways.