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International Mother Language Day 2019 and the International Year of Idigenous Languages

When we started our project around International Mother Language Day the theme was not known, but knowing about the International Year of Indigenous Languages, we wanted something that helps the languages and the people.
Our Planet has to struggle with huge issues mainly caused by the so called civilized countries. Indigenous People still have a much better connection and deeper relationship with Mother Earth. Our industrialized world lost the connection to Mother Earth and people in these regions very often lost the connection to their Indigenous Language, which nowadays are often called dialects and are treated not really nicely.
Therefore it is high time that people all over the world, who wish to protect our Planet, unite and move on together, learning from each other. An enormous wisdom is coded in our Indigenous Languages, may it be about medicine, may it be about life styles and many other topics.
Our small starting group for 2019 is composed of people living in industrialized countries and we wish to extend it to reach each angle of the world to create ONE voice.

And as of today, 21 February 2019 the UNESCO Office Vietnam is joining our efforts in using less plastic on a world wide scale.

The projects co-operating are:

  • OmegaWiki A multilingual dictionary that helps to preserve words free to use and editable by everyone.
  • Plastik sparen! (Use less plastic!) an initiative that shall help people to use less plastic.
  • UNESCO Office Vietnam
  • EcoTranslate – well, that’s us 🙂

We decided to start translating slogans to help our Planet in as many languages as possible. Well, some indigenous ones are included. International Mother Language day is only a starting point. There is more to come. Please find below the images created for social media made by Luna Cretella adding the translations, given to us from many different people, to images of the respective countries where these languages are spoken.

The second part, that is even more about languages, is our aim to collect terminology in Indigenous Languages on OmegaWiki in order to create a reference for those who wish to study indigenous languages and wish to preserve them by that. That said: let’s start to use the slogans and help our Planet, so that people, languages and Mother Earth can have a wonderful future.

The pictures below are licensed under CC-BY-ND, so please use them and mention “by Luna Cretella under CC-BY-ND license”. Right click on the picture to download it. Further below I am starting to collect a list of links to the various relevant pages. Please also follow us on Instagram and Twitter to get more updates about images and news.